Owner and Founder of Yasser kashef.com, Yasser kashef is an ISSA (International Sports Science Association) Certified Fitness Trainer with a passion for helping as many people as possible transform their physique and change their lifestyle for the better . Yasser kashef initially began bodybuilding in a gym being nothing but skin and bones 2006, but quickly started to notice his physique transforming. YASSER HAS DECIDED TO TAKE HIS LIFE TO A VERY EFFECTIVE WAY IN BUSINESS AND IN A FITNESS MODEL USING VERY HARDCORE NUTRITION PROGRAM TO LOOKING RIPPED 24/7/365 DAYS / YEAR and WORKOUT hard.

yasser kashef has worked with many different people and body types, all with different body goals, to change their lifestyle through his Online Fitness Training Program. kashef ‘S Fitness program has inspired and motivated millions of people WORLD WIDE TO gain muscle, lose body fat, and become stronger and healthier.

yasser  believes that no matter what your goals are, he can help you achieve ALL YOUR FITNESS GOALS

FAT : 6 %